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आधुनिक विभाग (Department of Modern Subjects)

ज्ञानं तेऽहं सविज्ञानमिदं वक्ष्याम्यशेषतः।-गीता ७.२


Modern subjects have been introduced with a view to heighten the knowledge of traditionally trained students of Sanskrit. For the purpose, English, Hindi, Computer, Environment Science, Political Science & Physical Education have been added in the curriculum. Basic knowledge of all above mentioned subject is imparted to the students to ensure their all round development. Sanskrit alone may train a student in shastras only but this knowledge followed by elementary awareness may enshrine the career and the learning of the students. To achieve these objectives, curriculum is revised time to time.

Name of the Faculty Designation Teaching Experiance Subject
Prof. Gajendra Sharma Professor & Head of the Department, 34 Years Physical Education
Dr.Rekha Pandey Assistant Professor 12 Years Hindi
Dr.Seema Agarwal Assistant Professor 10 Years Political Science
Dr. Namita Mittal Assistant Professor (Guest) 15 Years Computer Science
Dr. Vini Sharma Assistant Professor (Guest) 14 Years Political Science
Dr.Preeti Sharma Assistant Professor (Contractual) 08 Years Hindi
Dr.Laxmi Sharma Assistant Professor (Guest) 07 Years English
Dr. Kanta Galani Assistant Professor (Guest) 05 Years English
Mrs. Shelly Prakash Assistant Professor (Guest) 05 Years Computer Science
Dr. Navneet Kumar Assistant Professor (Contractual) 05 Years Yoga
Dr.Ashutosh Tripathi Assistant Professor (Contractual) 05 Years Ayurveda