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To develop Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthan as a world class University with a view to establish the glory of Sanskrit learning at global level.


Cultivation of all branches of Sanskrit learning and making Sanskrit resources available through modern technologies


Expansion of Academic Faculties

1. Students’ preferred destination for Traditional Sanskrit Education.
2. Only Sanskrit Institution in the State drawing students from all parts of country.
3. Only Sanskrit Institution receiving more applications than seats allocated in each course.
4. Admission to professional courses on All India Entrance Test.
5. Students are professionalized in Content as well as Language.
6. Preferred Centre for any Guidance & Counseling for further studies, supplementary work,Research, placement etc.
7.To promot development of Prakrit languages.

Significant Achievements

1. More than 75% meritorious students get a variety of jobs.
2. Students selected in IAS and Rajasthan Administrative Services.
3. Students are being selected for teaching positions in KVS every year.
4. Handsome percentage of Sanskrit teachers in Rajasthan State through our campus.

Contribution towards preservation of Sanskrit Heritage of Rajasthan

1. Brought into light prestigious scholarly pursuits of Rajasthan’s Ancient /contemporary Sanskrit scholars, such as: -
2. Manjunath Memorial Conference (Bhatt Mathuranath Shastri)
3. Critical Edition of 'Ishwar Vilas' Mahakavya
4. All India Seminars on ‘Ishwar Vilas '.
5. Major project on Modern Sanskrit Poetry of Rajasthan
6.Publication of 'Vrakkayoutukam'- a piece of poetry.
7.Project completed on 'Kacchavanshmahakavyam'

New Initiatives

1. E-Textualization of Important Sanskrit texts of various disciplines.
2. Centre for Prakrit Studies
3. Sanskrit Translation of Important books on Education.
4. Preparation of Distance Education Course Material for Mukt Swadhyay Peetham.

Extension Activities

1. Dissemination of Sanskrit Language through Non Formal Sanskrit
2. Teaching Centers.
3. NSS
4. Scout and Guides
5. Informal Training Programs for Non Formal Sanskrit Teachers.