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धर्मशास्त्र (dharmaśāstra)

श्रुतिस्तु वेदो विज्ञेयो धर्मशास्त्रं तु वै स्मृतिः


Above mentioned statement means that our Smriti treatises are the representative of, and even, synonymous to Dharmashastra. The importance of these treatises is explicit as they acquaint the human being with the essence of Dharma, importance of austerities and right conduct, discrimination between good and bad, right and wrong, auspicious and inauspicious, duties towards parents, Guru, Family, Society, and Nation etc.

Sage Parashara has rightly declared that the injunctions of Dharmashastra treatises are for the betterment of the human beings. Further, they also provide a constitution of good governance for whole of the world. Even, smallest of the nations needs a constitution. Literature of Dharmashastra has also, along with the Smritis, been accorded much importance. Dharmashastra mostly expounds on conduct, Law and penance Adoption, Inheritance, taxes, Duties of Householder etc. Thus, there is a vast literature of Dharmashastra which is divided into Dharmasutras, Smritis, Digests, Commentaries etc. which need to be preserved and debated for proper guidance as this literature motivates to become a true human being. Keeping in view the significance of this discipline,

Central Sanskrit University has included it in its scheme of studies. This discipline has been allowed in two compuses i.e. Jaipur & Puri Campuses. Dept. of Dharmashastra was established in Jaipur campus (then, Kendriya Sanskrit Vidyapeetha) in 1983 with Sh. Ramgopal Sharma, Shastra Chudamani, PG Course was started in 1988. The present Head of Dept. is Prof. Bhagwati Sudesh.

Name of the Faculty Designation Teaching Experiance Mob. No.
Prof. Bhagwati Sudesh Professor & Head of the Department 34 Years
Dr.Manoj Sahu Assistant Professor 01 Years
Dr.Ankit Dadhich Assistant Professor 04 Years 8619481616